About Us

St. Louis Cyber Interest Group (STLCIG) is a team of experienced cyber security and technology leaders.

Our own equity is at risk as we push companies to be their best as we believe in their vision. We are fixated on execution and leadership for a company that we invest to be successful. We will find and walk down the path alongside companies with our mentorship program.

We drive on innovation that is focused on a global solution approach.

St. Louis Cyber Interest Group (STLCIG) invests at an early stage in auspicious companies in the cyber security, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and software/IT sectors. With the help of its international peer networks, STLCIG assists companies in which it invests to position themselves to be a successful rapidly growing enterprise with potential financial prosperity. STLCIG has a highly dynamic leadership team with many years of experience in technology, specifically cyber security. Passionate about potential innovative security companies that would change the security landscape by improving protection and privacy for the digital world. STLCIG is also devoted to giving back to the communities where they live.

Our Team

Lamont Orange

Co-Founder and President

Gary Harbison


Chris Sawall


Ryan Frillman


James Robinson


Joey Smith


Clayton Pummill